Using the site Print

How to move around the site and make searches for items in the adverts.

In this document I will try to explain how the site works and how to use it to get the information you want.

  • Adverts are shown in the order in which they are submitted with the newest first. The email address are edited automatically to remove the @ from them and replace it with [at] so please beware of this when emailing somebody.
  • We do check the adverts but if you find something that is wrong then please use the contact admin to the left and we will look into it for you. You will need the adverts ID number which is just below the title.
  • All adverts run for 42 days, please do not submit a new advert every week as this just clogs up the list and traders pay to have their adverts shown all the time. You may resubmit your advert after 30 days if your item has not sold, the site will not send you an email you will have to request an email via the remove/edit menu link to the left.
  • Want to remove your advert use the remove/edit link to enter your advert number, it will then display the advert and a button to request an email to be sent to the email in the advert. You then need to check your emails for the link sent by the site and follow this, this will then allow you to edit or delist the advert. All adverts are retained so if you want to relist it follow the link in the email.
  • The site now has a search system that can look through all the adverts looking for the word(s) you use and will display the results in a list for you to look at.
  • To add a advert see Submitting an advert and Show Rules.